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Automated cross-platform reporting   
that gives you the edge

Reporting doesn't need to be tedious and time consuming. Arena Calibrate offers an all-in-one reporting solution that helps you arrive at your ideal reporting vision faster, with more data accuracy, and enterprise-level capabilities.

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One source of reporting truth

Fully automate cross-platform reporting with key insights. Easily measure how channels and campaigns are contributing to the most valuable business metrics without switching between platforms.

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Empower smarter decisions across your team

Embrace a new level of data-driven decision-making, propelling your team toward your goals with unmatched efficiency. Unlimited users and unlimited report sharing means that everyone can stay on top of performance.

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Robust, 100% customizable dashboards & reports

Unlimited channels, as many dashboards and reports as you need. We go the extra mile to automate any existing report, or work with you to develop new dashboards that provide optimal insights for your business. 

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Reporting partner that goes where others can't

No frustrations, no lengthy software training times. When it comes to reporting - If you can envision it, we can handle it. Our expert data & analytics team works with you to achieve your ideal reporting vision - guaranteed.  

Reporting Solution

Our open and honest
solution discovery process

Many brands and agencies turn to Arena Calibrate because of our robust data & reporting capabilities, or attractive on-demand pricing. Simply share what you're looking for and we'll let you know if we are a fit, or if there are better options you can explore.  

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Robust Reporting Capabilities

All Your Metrics

Blended Cross-Platform Dashboards

Have all of your KPIs across multi-channel campaigns centralized in one location to maintain laser-focus on your marketing goals and KPIs.


Any data integration you need 

Arena Calibrate gives you access to over 60+ pre-built integrations to enable you to connect your data in an efficient and secure way. You also have the flexibility to add your own proprietary data via a custom API integration or CSV data transfer.

Dashboard branding & white labeling

Reporting is customized to your needs. Pick and choose what metrics to be included to quickly access the data that’s most important to you.

Dive deep into the following areas

  • Cross-Channel Performance
  • PPC & SEM
  • CRM Performance
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO
  • eCommerce
  • Website Analytics

Automated campaign insights

Centralize your data to one location to facilitate quick and informed decision-making. Get a bird’s eye view of your campaigns’ performance to spot trends within seconds, identify where the bottlenecks are and navigate towards your goals with greater efficiency.

Performance Alerts

Automated campaign performance alerts

Receive performance alerts to never get caught off guard with a sudden dip or spike in performance. You can set the threshold to receive a notification for when performance exceeds a certain level, allowing you to remain responsive to any rapid changes in your environment.

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Sync your data across 60+ platforms

Most Connected Marketing Data Sources
..Plus More Marketing Data Sources


Can I add additional platforms/data sources to my Arena Calibrate dashboard?

Beyond the data sources that are listed in the packages, we offer the ability to integrate 60+ data sources.

Additional data sources are charged based on if it is considered a standard data source, or an advanced data source.

To learn more about our data source classifications please click here.

Can my plan scale with the number of data sources, accounts, clients, or reports?

Absolutely, our plans are designed to scale with your business or agency on an on-demand basis. Feel free to talk to one of our sales representatives to see how Arena Calibrate can scale with you.

Can I set up custom automated reporting through Arena Calibrate?

Fully custom reports are available to you with our Arena Pro Business and Arena Pro Agency Plan. We’ll connect with you to understand your requirements, and then we’ll configure the report based on the data available.

Can I share Arena Calibrate dashboards and reports with additional users?

You can easily share access to your accounts reports or dashboards with internal team members or external stakeholders either via PDF, or through the sharing functionality available.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about platform integrations?

Feel free to contact our customer success team at

What data is pulled into your platform when I connect my Marketing Automation or CRM platform?

Data aggregates are mainly used for reporting and visualizations (e.g., lead numbers, lead source, stages, etc.). We essentially use the contact's email address to clean up duplicates and correlate the data across systems.

Other forms of PII (name, phone number, address, etc.), comments/email communication with each contact, etc., ARE TYPICALLY EXCLUDED from the data pull when we configure the connectors.

Each Marketing Automation or CRM platform has differences in data set up, which is why custom implementations are required.

Take your reporting to new heights

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