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  1. Overview of Arena Calibrate and Supermetrics
  2. User Interface and Experience
  3. Data connectivity and sources
  4. Data visualization
  5. Performance and Scalability
  6. Customer support
  7. Price
  8. Arena Calibrate: More than just an alternative to Supermetrics

Supermetrics Alternatives: Supermetrics vs Arena Calibrate

It’s the digital age, and businesses are drowning in data. Companies are always seeking new information to discover more about their customers, how they think, and what they’ll do next.

But gathering data is often not the problem but rather how to compile it in a format that’s easy to read and draw insights from. As a consequence, companies are investing in dashboards to help keep their finger on the pulse of their customers’ movements.

Supermetrics has emerged as a popular dashboard for businesses to leverage to fulfill their data analysis needs. However, just like any tool, it does have its drawbacks, posing a dilemma to marketing directors as to what dashboard to leverage.

Arena Calibrate is one of the most popular Supermetrics alternatives due to its tailored features, robust reporting capabilities, and intuitive interface – all designed to level up your marketing analytics.

But which solution is most optimal for your company?

Well, below we’re going to put both dashboards under the microscope and compare their most prominent features, helping you to identify the ideal match for your unique data analysis needs.

1. Overview of Arena Calibrate and Supermetrics

Arena Calibrate is a hybrid dashboard solution that offers a comprehensive suite of data and business intelligence services, making it one of the most popular Supermetrics alternatives available.

From just a quick glance, marketing directors can glean and understand every facet of their marketing performance within a single interface. Digging deeper into its capabilities, Arena Calibrate seamlessly integrates real-time data from various sources and employs machine learning to provide actionable insights.

Key decision-makers can harness the potential of big data and predictive analytics to anticipate future trends and make data-driven decisions at speed. It’s an asset that rewards marketing teams with a more agile approach to data analysis, allowing them to effortlessly pivot between strategies as fresh data comes to hand.

Supermetrics is different in many ways. Firstly, it serves as a dedicated data integration platform, in contrast to Arena Calibrate, which offers a more extensive suite of marketing analytics tools.

Based on its data connectors, Supermetrics is more generic in its data integration capabilities. It’s also important to note that this solution does include some basic data visualization and reporting features. However, they may not be as comprehensive and robust when compared to some Supermetrics competitors, such as Arena Calibrate.

2. User Interface and Experience

Arena Calibrate

  • Design: Arena Calibrate has a sleek and contemporary design that’s not only visually appealing but also user-friendly. It uses an effective color scheme to make important information stand out.
  • Ease of use: User-friendliness is a feature that Arena Calibrate prioritizes, making it accessible even to those unfamiliar with business intelligence tools. The dedicated account team handles the setup of your backend data and dashboards, ensuring continuous accessibility. This grants you real-time access to critical information.
  • Data presentation: The business intelligence (BI) tool offers versatile data presentation options, including charts, graphs, maps, and blended data dashboards. The visualizations are designed for clarity and ease of comprehension. Moreover, the software provides a range of customization options, such as colors, fonts, and font sizes, allowing you to tailor the appearance of visualizations to your preferences.


  • Design: The BI tool presents a modern and uncluttered design that ensures effortless navigation. The user interface maintains a consistent look and feel across all platform features and functions.
  • Ease of use: Supermetrics is perceived as a user-friendly platform. Its setup and usage are straightforward, making it accessible even to individuals with limited technical proficiency. The platform's organization ensures easy discovery and utilization of its various features and functions.
  • Data presentation: Supermetrics provides multiple options for visualizing and presenting data. Users have the flexibility to generate reports, dashboards, and data tables. Moreover, Supermetrics offers a collection of pre-designed reports and dashboards that can be tailored to align with users' individual requirements.

3. Data connectivity and sources

Arena Calibrate was purpose-built to empower businesses to unlock the maximum potential of their marketing data. Supermetrics, by contrast, integrates more generic data sources, with fewer of them specifically originating from marketing platforms.

With Arena Calibrate, you have over 60 data connectors that include all of the heavyweight marketing platforms. Supermetrics provides you with over 100, pulling data from marketing and sales data sources. However, despite this extensive selection, there are some limitations to consider.

Supermetrics limitations

  • Lack of Data Transformation: Supermetrics lacks comprehensive data transformation capabilities. While it offers custom fields, the absence of advanced data transformation functions means that organizations may need in-house IT resources or data analysts to manage and organize data effectively.
  • Data Overload: Users have reported that Supermetrics automatically pulls a substantial amount of data when connecting new data sources. This influx of data requires manual sorting and can lead to inefficiencies in data management.
  • Unification Challenges: Managing naming conventions and unifying data from multiple sources into one report can be challenging within Supermetrics. This could lead to issues in data consistency and accuracy.
  • Limited Data Combination: Supermetrics may restrict users from combining data from multiple sources and running complex formulas. This limitation can hinder cross-channel reporting capabilities.
  • No Data Storage Solution: Supermetrics does not offer a built-in data storage solution. While this is advantageous in terms of data security, it means that users might need to rely on external platforms like Google Sheets for storing historical data.

4. Data visualization

Arena Calibrate and Supermetrics both provide an array of data visualization tools that are effective for creating engaging and informative reports. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms in terms of the quality of their visualizations, chart types, customization options, and interactive features.

Chart types

Supermetrics provides a diverse selection of chart types, encompassing bar charts, line charts, pie charts, scatter plots, and more. However, Arena Calibrate offers a more extensive range of chart types than Supermetrics, allowing businesses to extract more granular insights from their marketing data.

Chart type Supermetrics Arena Calibrate
Bar chart Yes Yes
Line chart Yes Yes
Pie chart Yes Yes
Scatter plot Yes Yes
Funnel chart No Yes
Heatmap No Yes
Other specialized charts No Yes

Customization options

Users of both BI tools have the freedom to tailor their dashboards to align with their preferences. Below are the shared features they offer:

  • Themes: use pre-built themes that users can adapt to match their preferences. Additionally, users have the flexibility to fashion their own custom themes.
  • Visualizations: leverage a diverse range of visualizations, including bar charts, line charts, pie charts, scatter plots, and more. However, Arena Calibrate offers enhanced customization options for visualizations. It allows users to blend data from multiple sources and utilize machine learning for automatic pattern and trend recognition in data.
  • Filters: quickly and easily view data of a specific subset of users, time period, or other criteria.
  • Bookmarks: save specific views of your reports and dashboards for future reference or sharing insights with team members.
  • Comments: add comments to reports and dashboards. This facilitates collaboration and feedback sharing among users.
  • Data Blending: merge data from multiple sources into a single visualization, enhancing the creation of comprehensive and informative reports.

With Arena Calibrate, you can use smart insights that involve employing machine learning for automatic pattern and trend identification within data. This helps users to swiftly pinpoint areas for improvement and make informed decisions.


Both Arena Calibrate and Supermetrics offer an extensive range of data visualization features that allow you to tailor your reports and dashboard to your specific needs and preferences.

However, Arena Calibrate’s smart features give you greater control and freedom regarding customization through its smart insights feature. This empowers decision-makers to quickly identify patterns and relationships within their data, giving them the agility to pivot between strategies.

Interactive features

Interactive features allow users to design their dashboard in a way that suits their specific needs and preferences, creating a personalized and efficient data analysis environment. Although Supermetrics has an array of interactive features, it may still lack the depth of user-friendliness provided by some of its competitors.

In contrast, Arena Calibrate's focus on enhancing user-friendliness and engagement means that it offers a more advanced array of extensive features, empowering users to delve deeper into their data and gain comprehensive insights with ease, making it one of the best Supermetrics alternatives when it comes to optimizing data analysis and decision-making.

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between the interactive features of Arena Calibrate and Supermetrics:

Feature Arena Calibrate Supermetrics
Filters Enhanced flexibility for applying filters to charts, tables, or entire dashboards. Less flexible filters that can only be applied to entire dashboards.
Drill down Extensive drill-down capability for in-depth exploration through individual chart or table elements. Less granular drill-down that only allows users to drill down to related tables.
Highlight Robust highlighting to emphasize and improve the visibility of specific chart or table data points. It is a less powerful highlight that only allows users to highlight specific data points in a chart or table.
Tooltips Informative tooltips with additional data insights upon hovering over data points. Less informative tooltips that only provide the value of a data point.
Annotations Versatile annotations enabling custom text or image additions to charts and tables. Less versatile annotations that only allow users to add custom text to charts and tables.
Custom interactions Powerful custom interactions for creating sophisticated user-specific dashboards. Less powerful custom interactions that are limited to creating maps and timelines.
Slicers More powerful slicers can be used to dynamically filter data by selecting specific values from a list. Less powerful slicers can only be used to filter data by selecting specific values from a list.

5. Performance and Scalability


Supermetrics is built to be fast, so it has the capacity to operate at speed – businesses can query data directly and pull out data they need at that moment. The BI tool uses a variety of performance optimization techniques, such as data caching and pre-aggregation, to try and maintain a high level of performance.

Despite this, Supermetrics is notorious for its scalability limitations. Users are likely to experience a sluggish and frustrating slowness when dealing with large data sets in their analysis, preventing them from adding any sort of granularity to their investigations. This is problematic for any company which wishes to sift through reams worth of data efficiently.

Arena Calibrate

Arena Calibrate excels in performance and scalability because of its distributed architecture that spreads the workload across multiple servers. This enables the BI tool to handle vast datasets and complex queries.

With efficient resource usage and parallel processing, users can easily scale their analyses, making it a compelling Supermetrics alternative for enterprises dealing with extensive data and intricate analysis.

Additionally, Arena Calibrate's performance optimization features, such as caching and partitioning, further enhance its processing capabilities, resulting in maximum responsiveness, quicker insights, and faster decision-making.

6. Customer Support

Customer support has been a known weakness for Supermetrics, with many users complaining about its lack of responsiveness. This is not ideal for businesses which want to navigate their industry efficiently and quickly address errors and data-related challenges.

Below are two of many reviews that explicitly and specifically address Supermetrics’ inability to swiftly provide support when needed.

Customer Support Review
Verified User in Retail

In contrast, Arena Calibrate sets itself apart by offering a managed-service analytics solution that includes a dedicated support team available to assist businesses with their specific needs.

Companies are able to have the entire dashboard integration process managed on their behalf to ensure a smooth transition, saving time and energy while minimizing the chances of future errors.

Moreover, users have the freedom to specify every detail of how they want their dashboard to be customized, enabling them to fully harness the capabilities of their analytics. Not only is Arena Calibrate a powerful alternative to Supermetrics when it comes to performance and the depth of its capabilities, but it also exceeds expectations regarding its customer support.

7. Price

Arena Calibrate

Arena Calibrate offers a managed service solution, which means there isn't a standard pricing model that fits all users. This is due to the distinctiveness of each business, varying in size, needs, and objectives, which can demand varying levels of time and effort for backend operations.

Consequently, the pricing is customized for each client, and it's determined based on factors outlined in the table on the right. Businesses can request a personalized quote.


Supermetrics follows a destination-based approach, meaning that you primarily pay for the destination to connect your data sources. While this approach might suit some users who only need a few destinations for their analytics and reporting, most businesses would prefer the flexibility to work with multiple destinations without incurring additional expenses.

Arena Calibrate: More than just an alternative to Supermetrics

Arena Calibrate and Supermetrics are both sophisticated BI tools that can level up your analytical capabilities. This is crucial given that data is the new oil and businesses need to find an efficient and powerful way of sorting, managing, and analyzing their data.

But choosing between the two depends on your goals and needs. Supermetrics is a big brand name that’s renowned for its ability to connect to an array of different data platforms, making it a suitable choice for those with broader data analysis requirements.

In contrast, Arena Calibrate is a dedicated marketing dashboard designed with a comprehensive set of features tailored to help businesses harness the full analytical potential of their marketing campaigns.

Despite there being many Supermetrics alternatives, Arena Calibrate stands as the exceptional BI tool, geared to supercharge your marketing endeavors through its specialized and precision-focused approach.

Within just five days, you can have a customized interactive dashboard arranged to your specific preferences, empowering you to make data-driven decisions with confidence and precision.

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