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Automate even the most complex client reporting.

What if you could prioritize building client relationships instead of spending hours on reporting? How much more value would you provide to your clients? With Arena Calibrate, we make reporting efficient - not a headache. You’ll get an all-in-one reporting solution that’s fast, scalable, and provides your teams with smarter insights in real time.

Determine ROI in Seconds

Justify campaign spend and determine ROI within seconds

Centralize your metrics and KPIs, so you can easily track the performance and ROAS of your campaigns without switching between platforms.

Cross platform Client

Generate multi-channel client reporting faster

Streamline your reporting process by viewing all relevant metrics and KPIs for your multi-channel campaigns in a single location. Now you don’t have to waste time logging in and out of multiple platforms to pull reports.

Save time and Spot Trends

Quickly spot campaign performance trends & issues

Don’t let the smallest shift in performance go unnoticed. Arena Calibrate helps you get a bird’s eye view of trends, patterns and areas of improvement across every facet of your clients’ campaigns.

Share Dashboard Reporting

Share dashboard reporting with clients in real time

No user limits mean that your teams can share reporting with as many internal colleagues or clients as needed.

Use Pre Built Templates

100% Agency Tailored Dashboards and Reports

Encountering limitations with your current reporting solution? We got you covered. We develop reporting and dashboard templates to fit your needs both aesthetically, and across any chart, table, or graph.

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Enhance dashboard capabilities with the help of our data & reporting team

Leverage our full-stack data & reporting experts to maximize value with minimal effort.

You can always lean on our success team to solve any issues with client data integrations and reporting visualization.

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Enhance Dashboard Capabilities Analytics
White Labeled Agency Reporting

White Labeled Agency Reporting

Make Arena Calibrate your OWN branded agency reporting solution.

Why spend more time and money building your own reporting or dashboard tool when you can get an end-to-end solution customized just for you? Take advantage of a fully branded reporting platform dashboard to present as a part of your own agency offering.

  • Replace Arena Calibrate’s URL with yours
  • Get dashboard edit access to design client reports the way you want it
  • Include custom branding: Logo & Color Scheme
  • Provision clients to view their respective dashboards
  • White-glove support
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Sync your data across 60+ platforms with just a few clicks

Most Connected Marketing Data Sources
..Plus More Marketing Data Sources


Can I add additional platforms/data sources to my Arena Calibrate dashboard?

Beyond the data sources that are listed in the packages, we offer the ability to integrate 60+ data sources.

Additional data sources are charged based on if it is considered a standard data source, or an advanced data source.

To learn more about our data source classifications please click here.

Can my plan scale with the number of data sources, accounts, clients, or reports?

Absolutely, our plans are designed to scale with your business or agency on an on-demand basis. Feel free to talk to one of our sales representatives to see how Arena Calibrate can scale with you.

Can I set up custom automated reporting through Arena Calibrate?

Fully custom reports are available to you with our Arena Pro Business and Arena Pro Agency Plan. We’ll connect with you to understand your requirements, and then we’ll configure the report based on the data available.

Can I share Arena Calibrate dashboards and reports with additional users?

You can easily share access to your accounts reports or dashboards with internal team members or external stakeholders either via PDF, or through the sharing functionality available.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about platform integrations?

Feel free to contact our customer success team at

What data is pulled into your platform when I connect my Marketing Automation or CRM platform?

Data aggregates are mainly used for reporting and visualizations (e.g., lead numbers, lead source, stages, etc.). We essentially use the contact's email address to clean up duplicates and correlate the data across systems.

Other forms of PII (name, phone number, address, etc.), comments/email communication with each contact, etc., ARE TYPICALLY EXCLUDED from the data pull when we configure the connectors.

Each Marketing Automation or CRM platform has differences in data set up, which is why custom implementations are required.

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