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May 06, 2021

3 min

Why Did Position² Create Arena Calibrate?

We Believe Innovators Deserve To Win 

Over the last 15 years, Position² has been helping innovative brands like Kabbage, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Thales, TDK, Gentle Dental & others leverage digital marketing to achieve their growth objectives. We’ve assembled a world class team of digital marketers, and leveraged best practices and frameworks from passionate leaders in the industry.

As our company continues to grow rapidly, we asked ourselves, how could we take these learnings to support other companies, and empower marketing teams across the globe?

Given that Position² has a strong technology foundation integrated into all areas of our company, we set out to build a truly specialized and multi-functional marketing platform called Arena.

The Birth Of Arena 

To make our operations more efficient, we previously evaluated a variety of project management platforms available in the market - Basecamp, Intervals, Wrike, Jira - but each of these platforms were not able to provide us all the features we needed as an agency. We ended up using multiple tools for different functions like time tracking, project management, workflow management, collaboration, digital asset management, performance dashboards etc.

This led us to the decision to build a custom platform to help us work with clients better. Our market evaluation and initial research established that clients were typically interested in 3 key areas:

  1. What’s the status of my project? Meaning: Transparency and up to date information
  2. How do I get in touch with my team? Meaning: Collaboration across all stakeholders
  3. How are my campaigns performing? Meaning: Unified and accurate campaign performance dashboard

The birth of arena

Arena Makes A Difference With Marketing Workflows 

Instead of building from scratch, we decided to build Arena on top of a well-established platform base with ServiceNow. We initiated this journey in 2018, and given the operational success of the platform, we integrated all our operations into the technology.

Following our full company integration, we added valuable client interface functionality above and beyond ServiceNow. This has led to an overwhelming 30% improvement in productivity and as a validation from our clients - with an NPS increase of 40%.

Empowering Marketers Everywhere with Arena Calibrate 

It’s no surprise that Digital Marketing offers incredible value through its advanced measurability & real time optimization...And it is also the most challenging.

The Martech landscape today has over 5,000+ platforms, and any marketing using multiple platforms, they multiply the amount of time-consuming processes with channel by channel measurement, reports, and nomenclature. For smaller marketing teams that are tight on time and bandwidth, getting all campaign performance data in one centralized place with insights is NOT an easy task.

Hence the creation of Arena Calibrate. A premium solution for marketers to unify, visualize and analyze multi-platform performance + custom CRM and Marketing Automation integrations.

Empowering marketers everywhere with arena calibrate

To start, all Position² brand clients received access to their own real-time Arena Calibrate campaign performance dashboard. This ultimately saved our clients significant time with analyzing their campaigns, and tracking their marketing KPIs. Based on extremely positive feedback, we wanted other marketers to have a great analytics solution that they can set up quickly - and without coding like many other BI tools require! Our onboarding process is completely automated and has world-class data security, so any marketer could quickly add Arena Calibrate into their analytics workflow with confidence.

So we decided to empower marketers everywhere to have powerful quick-to-set-up campaign performance analytics with 100% free use of Arena Calibrate.

We are simply excited to help marketers everywhere.

One Size Helps, But Does Not Always Fit All 

We’ve had a variety of brands test out the initial versions of Arena Calibrate, and while our platform provides significant value to marketers right out-of-the-box, we know that one size does not fit all. Campaign performance dashboards sometimes need customization, which our team happily supports for a straightforward fee.

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